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Stomaservice guarantees you ?a Hollywood smile?

The beauty and healthiness of teeth starts with hygiene. Even if you replace all of your teeth, but do not take care of them afterwards, the positive result will not last long. The concept of "hygiene" does not only include brushing your teeth once or twice a day. It also involves regular visits to the dentist.

The presentation of the Stomaservice stomatological clinic, recently transformed clinic of aesthetic held on 9 June. The clinic was founded in 1992 by brothers Ulugbek and Alisher Halmatovs. It is now 15 years that they have been providing the population high quality stomatological services.

The new clinic has a number of advantages over its forerunner. Located in a two-story building it has all the necessary conditions for diagnostics and treatment of patients. Five-seat dentistry clinic employs qualified doctors and other medical staff, with up to 15 years of experience.

?We use only high quality dentistry equipment, the latest models of which can be found in our clinic. German computerised equipment, Swiss materials, French anesthetics, and highly qualified staff make the treatment painless," said the Director of the clinic Ulugbek Halmatov.
"We also have the latest model - panoramic pantomograph, which allows taking the shot of all 32 teeth, making a digital x-ray, which will immediately show your tooth on the computer monitor".

Some 10,000 people have been treated at the clinic since its foundation. No incidents of infection have been The clinic also operates a study center, which to date has trained 128 dentists, 26 dental mechanics, and issued them corresponding certificates of international standard.

"Our clients are people who care for the healthiness of their teeth. Several generations have enjoyed the benefits of our services. The words, such as precision, punctuality, fast treatment - are our credo," emphasised Ulugbek Halmatov.

The clinic provides the services of prophylaxis, treatment, cleaning, polishing of teeth, irrigation and massage of gums, treatment of tooth canal under the control of digital x-ray apparatus. As a result of restoration, practically any defect is removed: the co lour, form are identical to original healthy tooth. The prosthesis of teeth is done using primarily metal-ceramic and effective clasp dental prostheses that use special joints.

?We guarantee you a Hollywood smile,? said the Director of the clinic Ulugbek Halmatov.

BVV Business Report 20 June 2006

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