Samarkand Information: Registan, Bibi-Khonym, Afrosiab, Gur-Emir, Shakh-i-Zinda
Samarkand, also Samarqand is perhaps the most famous city of Uzbekistan. The Registan is the main attraction of Samarkand. The Mosque Bibi-Khonym is one of most well known attractions of Central Asia.

Samarkand / Registan / Sher Dor / Tillya Kori / Ulugbek Madrasah / Shaybanids
The Registan was the heart of the ancient Samarkand. The name means Sandy place. The ensemble of three madrasahs is a remarkable pattern of the architectural design of the main town square.

Samarkand / Gur Emir / Rukhobod / Aksaray / Tamerlane / Prophet Muhammad
Some consider Gur-Emir, Rukhobod and Aksaray as a combined ensemble. Rukhobod is said to contain a hair of Prophet Muhammad. A green nephrite tombstone was placed on the grave of Tamerlane.

Samarkand / The Shakh-i-Zinda Ensemble
The Shakh-I-Zinda Ensemble is one of the world-known necropolises of Central Asia, which includes mausoleums and other ritual buildings of 9-14th and 19th centuries.

Samarkand: Bibi-Khonym
Until these days the mosque called Bibi-Khonym still looks huge. As time has gone by, the reality was embroiled with a legend of the Architect's love for queen Bibi-Khonym.

The Mausoleum of Khodja Doniyor (Prophet Daniel)
The mausoleum contains the arm of Daniel. The relic was brought by Tamerlane from Mecca.

The museum of formation of Samarkand on Afrasiab
The museum is located on the site of ancient settlement called Afrasiab.

Ishrat-Khana - 1464
Some consider it was a burial-place for the women of the royal blood.

Khazrat-Khizr Mosque
Khazrat-Khizr Mosque is one of the ancient edifices of Samarkand was destroyed by Genghis Khan.

Khodja Zuemurod Mosque
The functioning Mosque to the North from Registan square.

Kok Mosque
Old functioning Mosque to the North from Registan square.

The Mausoleum of Abu Mansur Matridiy
The mausoleum stands to the East from Registan.

The mausoleum of Khodja Abdu Darun
The mausoleum built at the tomb of the Arabic lawyer of the 9th century Abdu-Al Mazeddin, who was a relative of Khalif Osman known as Khodja Abdu Darun.

The Mosque of Khodja Nisbatdor
The functioning Mosque of the 19th century to the South from Registan square.

Namazgokh Mosque
Formerly the out-of-town mosque it was a place for Muslim worship (namaz).

The observatory and memorial museum of Ulugbek
Two kilometers northeast of center of Samarkand stands the museum and what had remained of the former observatory.

Ensemble of Registan. The ancient trading dome Chorsu.
Straight behind Sher-Dor the ancient trading dome Chorsu is situated. Now it is well restored.

An appearance of Tamerlane the Great.
Timur, Tamerlane, was born on 8 April, 1336 into a family of a local nobleman of a Mongol descend. He died in 1405 being a mighty ruler of a half of Asia.

Uzbekistan Samarkand Hotels: Information and Reservation
On this page you find the adverts of 14 hotels, which are modern inns of present-day Samarkand.

Afrosiab Palace, Samarkand
The roomiest of all the hotels in Samarkand is hotel Afrosiab, which though still young has gained a great reputation.

Bahodir B&B, Samarkand. Reservation.
Bahobir B&B is indubitably leading in cheapness.

Bonu-Sh, Samarkand
The hotel located right across the street from Bibi-Khonym and Siyob bazaar.

Furkat hotel **, Samarkand.
Though several new private inns in Samarkand recently was built for many Furkat is still favorite hotel.

Kamila Hotel, Samarkand
The hotel place located in very traditional residential area, on old street arranged in Uzbek genuine spirit.

Malika*** hotel in Samarkand
The Hotel is located within walking distance to the main historical sights of Samarkand.

Muhandis-1 Hotel, Samarkand
There is no inn in Samarkand, which is more nigh to Gur-Emir.

Najiba Hotel, Samarkand
New opportunities at the historic intersection.

Orient Star *** hotel in Samarkand
Modern conveniences & oriental hospitality.

Hotel President is among the most stylish hotels in the Country.

Sevara B&B, Samarkand
Sevara made with elegant taste to enjoy stay life.

Shakhname B&B, Samarkand
Shakhname is recently built and well located B&B with common modern conveniences.

Sher Dor - private hotel in Samarkand.
This lately built hotel was opened in 2004, and it supplemented number of best private B&Bs of Samarkand. Our facilities are convenient for; those who make business trips or traveling for tourism.

Zarina hotel, Samarkand. Reservation.
Private hotel Zarina is located close at hand to Registan Square, which is most prominent architectural monument of Samarkand.

Samarkand Map
The map of Samarkand
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