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Apollonia is one of the leading dental clinics in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) since 1998. During these nine years of existence Apollonia has acquired a reputation of reliable dental center. Located in a specially conditioned building it has all that is necessary for diagnostics and treatment of patients. The clinic employs qualified doctors and other medical staff, with wide experience in the medical practice.

Apollonia has got own dental-technician laboratory with American and German equipment, so you don't need to waste a time. Apoloniya's also known for high-quality of dentures.

The clinic provides the services of therapeutic treatment; surgical operations; prosthesis and orthodontics as well as prophylaxis, cleaning, polishing of teeth, irrigation and massage of gums. As a result of restoration, practically any defect is removed: the color and form are identical to original healthy tooth. Experienced orthodontists and skilled technicians make metal-ceramic crowns on the basic of the most modern ceramic mass Karat (Germany). All kind of dental works are executed with the most modern equipment, using the best materials from such world-known producers as Chirana Prema (Slovakia), Dentsply (Great Britain), Voco (Germany) and Septadont (France). Apollonia's qualified physicians and dentists use modern carpool anesthetics that will injected into you absolutely painlessly.

The team is friendly, highly qualified and experienced. Before getting a post of dentist at "Apollonia" - it's necessary to go through a special selective contest in which not only a physician's qualification, working experience are taken into account, but also authority among patients and sociability. Among our staff there are specialists, who were given training in the IACD Dental school (Institution of Asia culture and Development).


Note: All prices are in US dollars.

Dental services:

1. Examination 12
2. Dental X-ray 6
3. Diagnostic model 18
4. Scaling (according time) 25-30
5. Treatment of Paradontitis (one visit) 6
6. Endodontic treatment of 1 root canal 24

2 root canal


3 root canal

7. Amalgam filling 18-25
8. Composite filling 30-35
9. Tooth extraction 30-40
10. Removing of crown 6
11. Apecotomy 48
12. Cementation of crown 6
13. Temporary denture 40
14. Temporary crown 18
15. Temporary filling 6
16. Periodontitis 60


1. Metal crown 105
2. Metal Post 75
3. Metal Porcelain crown 130
4. Full denture 120
5. Repairing of denture 30-60
6. Partial denture 300
7. Cap 70

Services for children

1. Sealing of permanent tooth 18
2. Cleaning of milk teeth 12
3. Endodontic treatment of milk tooth 25

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