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The time-table of trains
? of train Railway communication Departure Arrival
321 Almaty-2 - Nukus (through Tashkent) 09:30 (sun.), mon. 08:30, 08:50 07:40 (tue.)
659 Andijan-Tashkent 17:17 (sun) 09:40 (mon)
391 Andijan-Bukhara 13:05 (fri) 12:00 (sat)
918 Beiney-Kungrad 07:40 (daily) 17:50 (daily)
392 Bukhara-Andijan 14:25 (sat) 13:30 (sun)
661 Bukhara-Tashkent 19:10 (daily) 06:20 (daily)
9 Bukhara-Tashkent 08:00 (daily) 15:00 (daily)
665 Karshi-Tashkent 20:25 (even number) 05:45 (odd number)
917 Kungrad-Beiney 07:35 (daily) 19:37 (daily)
53 Kungrad-Tashkent 09:00 (fri.mon) 09:10 (sat.tue)
6 Moscow-Tashkent 23:16 (wed.sat.mon) 21:55 (sat.tue.thu)
322 Nukus - Almaty-2 (through Tashkent) 15:55 (tue.), wed?? 14:40, 15:10 16:24 (thu.)
1 Samarkand-Tashkent 17:00 (mon.thu.fri.sat.sun.) 20:41 (mon.thu.fri.sat.sun.)
49 Samarkand-Tashkent 07:20 (daily) 12:40 (daily)
331 Saratov-Tashkent 16:30 (fri. wed.) 11:50 (mon. sat.)
660 Tashkent-Andijan 17:15 (thu) 09:30 (fri)
662 Tashkent-Bukhara 19:55 (daily) 06:50 (daily)
10 Tashkent-Bukhara 08:10 (daily) 15:10 (daily)
666 Tashkent-Karshi 21:00 (odd number) 06:30 (even number)
54 Tashkent-Kungrad 18:15 (wed.sat) 18:25 (thu.sun)
5 Tashkent-Moscow 18:00 (sun.wed.fri) 15:20 (wed.sat.mon)
2 Tashkent-Samarkand 07:00 (mon.thu.fri.sat.sun.) 10:40 (mon.thu.fri.sat.sun.)
50 Tashkent-Samarkand 19:00 (daily) 23:50 (daily)
332 Tashkent-Saratov 20:42 (tue. sun.) 12:13 (fri. wed.)
380 Tashkent-Termez 17:30 (even number) 12:43 (odd number)
56 Tashkent-Urgench 18:15 (mon.tue.fri) 12:55 (tue.wed.sat)
381 Tashkent-Ufa 21:50 (sun.thu.tue) 02:07 (wed.sun.fri)
395 Tashkent-Kharkov 19:50 (thu) 01:47 (mon)
485 Tashkent-Chelyabinsk 21:50 (wed) 08:10 (sat)
379  Termez-Tashkent 14:25 (odd number) 08:55 (even number)
55 Urgench-Tashkent 15:05 (tue.wed.sat) 09:10 (wed.thu.sun)
382 Ufa-Tashkent 08:51 (wed.sun.fri) 14:40 (fri.tue.sun)
396 Kharkov-Tashkent 11:53 (mon) 21:10 (thu)
486 Chelyabinsk-Tashkent 23:50 (sun) 14:40 (wed)

   Booking train tickets in Uzbekistan

Rules of transportations

Documents necessary for rail way ticket purchase on the territory of republic of Uzbekistan:
For children under 14 years old – certificate of birth

Child under 5 years old can travel free of charge on the one seat with adult. In this case the ticket for free travel will be issued anyway. On the moment of ticket issue and boarding on the train the certificate of birth should be provided.

In case when adult accompanied with 2 children under 5 years old, as minimum, one of them should purchase privilege ticket (50 % discount) with the seat on the train, second one should purchase the same ticket or free ticket without separate seat on the train. Child under 10 years old has a discount for 50 %. It’s privilege ticket. On the moment of ticket issue and boarding on the train the certificate of birth should be provided. Pupils of secondary schools on period from 15th October till 15th May have a 50 % discount. It’s privilege ticket. ???? ?????? ???? ?? ?15 ????? 15 ???????? 50%. On the moment of ticket issue and boarding on the train the certificate from the school should be provided.

About visa and transit
Passengers have to keep passport, administrative (including visa), customs and other rules regarding to them as well as to baggage. Rail Way is not responsible for failure to execution of these rules by passenger.

For the information regarding to the documents and requirements for crossing the boarders between Republic Uzbekistan and foreign countries its necessary to contact appropriate diplomatic representatives, embassies in Tashkent and visa & registration departments by domiciliary.

For the CIS citizens visa free entry – exit to Turkmenistan allowed for:
citizens who have effective diplomatic and official passports with the effective period up to 30 days from the moment of border crossing;
rail way servants, refrigerator, locomotive rail way brigades in the presence of itinerary; intergovernmental communication servants;
Detailed information could be provided in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of republic of Uzbekistan.
Who needs transit visas
Present requirement concerns to the citizens of all countries which do not enter CIS and persons without citizenship.

List of trains following by transit via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan:

Rail Way Stations list and addresses:

Animals transportation
Admission for small animals, birds and dogs transportation in wagons will be granted without transshipping during the trip.

Dogs transportation in passenger trains is realized:
in baggage lounge in containers or boxes with pallet;
in passenger wagons in non-working tambour of first after locomotive of hard passenger wagon not more then 2 dogs of huge species with muzzles and anchors under the supervision of masters who should travel in the same wagon;
in CIS countries dog transportation is allowed in separate roomette of hard wagons not more than 2 animals in one roomette. In this case passenger is obliged to pay for cost of transit documents by the number of seats in roomette.
Small animals and birds transportation is allowed in all wagons if it’s forbidden by veterinary rules.

Small animals, dogs, birds transportation is realized in case of presence of veterinary certificates of appropriate forms.

Dog group transportation is allowed only in case of preliminary requests on the name of head of the station no late than 5 nights before departure.

For dog transportation of any species on domestic and foreign routs fixed fee in amount of 20kg of baggage fee is being collected.

Hand Luggage
Each passenger has a right to carry hand luggage not more than 36 kg (for the full and child travel document).

Additional seats redemption by passenger
Redemption of additional seat (but not more than one passenger roomette) in wagon of non-firm train gives a right to carry 50 kg of luggage on each additionally fully purchased seat.

Refund of ticket
In case of impossibility to return a rail way ticket before one day prior departure the penalty in amount or 1000 sums for domestic itineraries and 25500 sums for foreign itineraries will be collected.
In case when there is less than one night prior the departure, and client wants to return the ticket, the due, payment for reserved seat in addition with penalty for return operation will be retain.
Ticket can be returned only in one hour after train’s departure. In this case 25% from ticket price will be retained. In later case the ticket is not refundable.

Source of the information: Site www.bilet.uz

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