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Uzbekistan tourism: information, attractions, hotels, Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva

Reisen Usbekistan Reise Hotels Usbekistan Tourismus Informationen Usbekistan

Uzbekistan landscape, nature, pictures, photos, people, portraits, environment

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Mountain Guides and Porters

Of course, Uzbekistan isn't Europe, but that's what makes it interesting!
When you plan to go to Uzbekistan as a tourist, it is very important to realize what you expect to receive here. Once when a local guide was talking to some tourist from Switzerland, the guide diffidently said, "Yes Uzbekistan is not Europe! ..." What did he mean by that? Probably that Europe is better, more organized, more convenient... and so on. Most likely, yes the tour guide had an inferiority complex about his own country. However, the tourist with a nice smile replied, "But that's what makes it interesting!"

Therefore, there is no question what is better Uzbekistan or any of other countries elsewhere. Uzbekistan differs from them in its originality. If European goes on a tour to Uzbekistan, expecting to find here Europe, he makes big mistake and surely will not be satisfied. Seek Uzbekistan; this is the key to your satisfaction, when you go there!

  1. What makes Uzbekistan interesting?
  2. Climate and nature advantages
  3. Mountaineering, hiking, rock-climbing and skiing
  4. Architectural and historical sights
  5. Tourism in Khorezm Province and Karakalpakstan
  6. Wildlife areas in desert and other attractions on nomadic ways
  7. Dental Tourism in Uzbekistan
  8. Religion-based interests of tourism
  9. Other Interesting Information

What makes Uzbekistan interesting?

Uzbekistan is a country with vast underused capabilities in tourism.

Tourist activities in Uzbekistan
range from outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, rock-climbing, to exploration of its rich archeological and religious history.

It is supposed the country has the opportunity to accept more than 1 million tourists per year. Currently there are over 4,000 historical monuments and places of recreation, and more than 500 enterprises manufacturing souvenirs in the country. Each autumn travel industry of the country holds International Tourism Fair.

WTO Silk Road Office was opened in 2004 in Samarkand. This office is commissioned to coordinate the efforts of international organizations and national tourism administrations of countries located on the Silk Road.

Climate and nature advantages

The climate and the natural conditions of Uzbekistan are among the most favorable in Central Asia. For example, in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, which is 502 mi northeast of Tashkent, the average annual temperature is 5-8 degrees lower. At the same time, 804 mi southwest of Tashkent in Ashgabat, the average annual temperature is 8-10 degrees higher. The relatively temperate climate, plus the presence of irrigation water, enrich the land of Uzbekistan, which yields many fruit crops. The melons, grapes, apples, quinces, and pears of Uzbekistan have an incredibly delicious taste. More than 60 species of orchards grow in Uzbekistan many of which started traveling around the world from their geographical centre of origin.

More than 27 thousand biological types are counted in ecosystems of Uzbekistan. The fauna is represented by 424 species of birds, 97 species of mammals, 58 species of reptiles and 83 species of fish. Plants, mushrooms and algae are represented by 11 thousand of species. Many animals and plants are endemic and are not met anywhere in the globe.

Zaamin mountain archa state reserve area of more than 26 thousand hectares is situated in heights from 1760 up to 3500 meters above sea level. Juniper forests make up a special value and beauty of the reserve. The local type of this surprising and having become rare plant is accepted to be called archa in Central Asia. It is relative to the well known cypress. Yet not so long ago the main tree of mountain forests of Uzbekistan was called a plant of not our epoch. Archa was related to extinct breed unmanageable for artificial reproduction. As scientists found out it were not so easy to reproduce it in natural way, besides, it grows very slowly. Only 700-800 aged trees reach 8-10 meters height. Trees which age exceeds a thousand and even three thousands years are met in secluded mountain regions which are difficult of access.

The nature of the Chatkal state biospheric reserve in the west Tyan-Shan spurs locating on the heights from 1 100 up to 4 000 meters above the sea level and taking a square of more than 35 thousand hectares is inimitable and diverse. Mountain landscapes are distinguished here by their variety, wildness and beauty.

The climate advantages of Uzbekistan attract mountain-skiers to the Chimgan-Beldersay area near Tashkent, which belongs to Chatkal state biospheric reserve. The combination of snow and mostly warm, sunny weather makes the Chimgan and Beldersay ski slopes extremely popular.

Mountaineering, hiking, rock-climbing and skiing

Uzbekistan Mountains are an attractive place for those who love active forms of tourism such as mountaineering and rock climbing. Most well known for its ease of access from Tashkent is a highland Chimgan located in the mountain massive of dominant Greater Chimgan peak (3,309 m) of the Chatkal range at an altitude of 1,620 m. This place serves as a commencement for many routes of hiking, climbing, horseback riding, mountain skiing and para-gliding.

Chimgan: Snow Conditions & Ski Report Chimgan: Snow Conditions & Ski Report Chimgan: Snow Conditions & Ski Report

Need Ski/Snowboard instructor - call +99898 303-98-46 or e-mail -


Want to climb to the top of Chimgan peak - call +99898 303-98-46
or e-mail -

Winter Climbing to Chimgan Peak

Winter Climbing to Chimgan Peak Winter Climbing to Chimgan Peak Winter Climbing to Chimgan Peak


Architectural and historical sights

Samarkand with its Registan, Bibi-Khanym Mosque, Gur-Emir and Shah-i-Zinda, Bukhara with its Po-i-Kalyan Complex, Ark citadel, Samanid Mausoleum and Lyabi Khauz Ensemble, and of course Khiva with its intact inner city Ichan Kala, mosques, madrasahs, minarets, walls and gates are acknowledged sites of world tourism.

The general conference of UNESCO accepted the decision of inclusion in the list of anniversaries the celebrating of 2750-th anniversary of Samarkand. Samarkand is one of pearls of East. Here are many unique monuments of culture and architecture, which are evidence of high mastery of the ancient architects. The restoration works are carrying out at the memorial complex Shah-i-Zinda. Basic principle of rebuilding of the centre of Samarkand is a preservation of monuments in their integrity. The complex of historical centre of the town is included in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO under the name "Samarkand is an intersection of world culture."

Though Tashkent is often overlooked in the search for the Silk Road oasis towns of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, for the traveler there is much besides this to be seen. Today one can visit such striking sights as Mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo and Sheihantaur memorial place or Mausoleum of Zangiata.

Tourism in Khorezm Province and Karakalpakstan

Ancient Khiva is one of three most important tourism centers of Uzbekistan with great historical cultural and ethnographic potential. The territory of the Khorezm Province and Karakalpakstan is strewn with plenty of natural, historic, architectural and archeological sites. The Khorezm Province itself possesses near to 300 historic monuments.

In the last few years, the tourism potential at the region was improved with some new facilities and attractions. One of them is the Savitsky Museum in the town of Nukus, which houses a collection of unique works of avant-gardism. The museum also has amazing regional collection. A number of ecological tours are organized to the ship cemetery located in Muynak area along what has once been the coastline of the Aral Sea.

After the modernization of the airport in Urgench it received international status. Now it corresponds to the first category of ICAO.

Wildlife areas in desert and other attractions on nomadic ways

Desert fauna of Kyzyl Kum includes many kinds of rare animals. There is a Kyzyl Kum nature reserve at the flood-land (tugai) drained by the Amu-Darya. Another reserve (eco-centre) "Djeyran" is located 40 km to the south of Bukhara.

The region of Aidar-Kul Lake is an area of great potential for fishing, yurting and camel-back riding tourist activities.

In addition to fauna common for Kyzyl Kum, there are many kinds of water birds migrating from Aral Sea that make their homes around the lake. Many sorts of fish were introduced to the Aidar Lake, which nowadays works as a source of industrial fishing.

Another point of interest the Sarmish Gorge (Better known as Sarmishsay) is located on the southern slopes of the Karatau mountain range, 30-40 km to the north-east of the city of Navoi (Kermine) in Uzbekistan. This place is famous for various ancient monuments of anthropogenic activity concentrated in an area of about 20 sq km. The sights include flint quarries, mines, old settlements, burial mounds, crypts and petroglyphs, including monuments of the Middle Ages, early Iron Age, Bronze Age and even Stone Age. There are over 4,000 petroglyphs still intact in Sarmishsay. Since ancient times this territory has been a sacred zone, where locals performed their sacred ceremonies on holy days.

Dental Tourism in Uzbekistan

Lately many modern dental clinics were established in Uzbekistan. They provide patients with high quality dentistry services. But for all that, prices here much cheaper in comparison with Western and Russian clinics.

Uzbekistan leading dental clinics use high quality dentistry equipment (such as panoramic pantomograph, which allows taking the shot of all 32 teeth, making a digital x-ray, which can be immediately shown on the computer monitor), high quality materials and effective anesthetics.

The clinics provide prophylaxis, treatment, cleaning, polishing of teeth, irrigation and massage of gums, treatment of tooth canal under the control of digital x-ray apparatus. As a result of restoration, practically any defect can be removed: the color and form are identical to original healthy tooth. The prosthesis of teeth is done using primarily metal-ceramic and effective clasp dental prostheses that use special joints.

All kind of dental works are executed with the most modern equipment, using the best materials from reliable world producers, such as: Dentsply (Great Britain), Voco (Germany), Chirana Prema (Slovakia), Septadont (France), "KaVo" (Germany), Gendex (Italy), Bego (Germany), Renfert (Germany).

If you became interested in dental services like this, please visit appropriate page on this site.

Religion-based interests of tourism

A large number of tourists have been visiting Uzbekistan because of their religious-based interest.

The followers of Sufism know that dozens of historical sights of Islam such as Mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo, Sheihantaur and Mausoleum of Zangiata in Tashkent or Bakhauddin Ensemble, Buyan Kulikhan Mausoleum, Saifuddin Bukharzi Mausoleum and many others monuments in Bukhara are related to Sufism.

Although Uzbekistan is the country with predominantly Islam roots, but it is generally known that the Church began in Asia. Its earliest history, its first centers were Asian. Obviously Nestorian Church, which was one of the widespread communities of early Eastern Christianity, dinted their tracks on the Uzbekistan soil. Those tracks still can be found at the art and other cultural environment. According to historical explorations in Bukhara, before it was captured (early 8th century) by the Arabs, the Christian temple stood at the eastern gate.

One of the components of so-called Evangelical Christianity in Central Asia became German Mennonites. They migrated to Russia because of their pacifist convictions. Russian Government promised to release them from military service. This promise was kept until 1880, when Russian tsar Alexander II had signed the decree that made all males of Mennonites liable for call-up to military service in Russian army. The way out of the impasse was found when one of the Mennonites' leaders German Yantcen met the governor-general of Turkestan general Von Kaufman in Saint-Petersburg. Kaufman, German itself, invited Mennonites to Russian Turkestan. He promised to release them from taxes and from military service for 25 years. In that way, Mennonites arrived to Sary-Agach village (about 13 miles northward of Tashkent). With time, they widely settled at different places between Vyernyi (Alma-Ata) and Khiva. One of Mennonites even used to be a translator at court of Khiva Khan.

The first Baptist congregations in Uzbekistan were started at the close of the 19th century at small towns near to Tashkent (Gazalkent, Karabog, Iskander) where the population were mostly consisted of the colonists from Russia. The extant Gazalkent Baptist congregation is oldest in Uzbekistan.

The oldest Tashkent Baptist congregation was started in 1905 from the group of the military. To our time, this congregation is the largest in Uzbekistan (about 600 members). The Baptist Union was set up in Uzbekistan in 1925. Today the Baptist Union in Uzbekistan unifies near 30 congregations throughout the country that consist of near 1800 believers.

There are also large amount congregations of Pentecostal denomination.
Lately many protestant churches were started among Koreans, who also live in Uzbekistan.

Other Interesting Information

... Uzbekistan is a country of ancient high culture with its exceptional architectural patterns.
... Many prominent people lived in Bukhara in the past.
... Bukhara is the centre for trade and handicraft since times of antiquity.
... Bukhara has been the main spiritual, cultural and economic center of Central Asia from ancient time.
... The Architecture of Uzbekistan has been influenced by a diverse array of architectural traditions such as Islamic architecture, Persian architecture, and Russian architecture.
... Khiva is a museum under the blue sky.
... Ancient cities of Uzbekistan were located on the ancient Silk Road, the trading route between China and the West.
... Uzbekistan is a country with vast underused capabilities in tourism.
... Uzbekistan Mountains are an attractive place for those who love active forms of tourism such as mountaineering and rock climbing.
... Samarkand is one of pearls of East.
... Ancient Khiva is one of three most important tourism centers of Uzbekistan with great historical cultural and ethnographic potential.
... A large number of tourists have been visiting Uzbekistan because of their religious-based interest.
... Uzbekistan cities including Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and Tashkent live on in the imagination of the West as symbols of oriental beauty and mystery.
... The applied arts of Uzbekistan embrace a wide range of materials used and methods of ornamentation.
... There are more than 160 Muslim relics located in Uzbekistan.
... Bukhara carpets are very famous.
... Bread is holy for Uzbek people.
... Traditionally Uzbek breads are baked inside the stoves made of clay called Tandyr.
... Uzbekistan is well known for its chaikhanas (teahouses), where men get together and spend time chatting and joking over a cup of tea.
... Uzbekistan is the most historically fascinating of the Central Asian republics.
... Today's Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries to go to for tourism and cooperation.
... People in Uzbekistan are very hospitable, generous and kind.
... Uzbekistan is different from both Asian and European countries - it is unique.

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