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Uzbek photo exhibition opens in Belgium

Photo exhibition "125 years to Uzbek photography" opened in Belgium. Arlon administration, Fund Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan, Uzbek Art Academy and Tashkent-based Photography House organized the event.

During the whole of the 20th century, the art of photography in Uzbekistan has actively been involved in the social and cultural processes of the whole world and Uzbekistan as well, Tursunali Kuziev, chairman of the Academy of Ats of Uzbekistan said.

125 years to Uzbek photography

Speaking at the opening ceremony of an exhibition dedicated to "125 years of Uzbek photography" which opened at the European Parliament in Brussels, he noted that Khudaybergen Divanov, son of the secretary of the Chancellery of the Khan of Khiva, is known as the founder of Uzbek photography.

Khudaybergen Divanov
Khudaybergen Divanov

Some of Divanov's photos are on display in the exhibition.

The "Uzbek Madonna" photograph of Tashkent photographer Maks Penson was awarded the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1938 and gained wide publicity, said Kuziev.

He said the "art of photography is unique by the fact that its language is equally open and accessible to all people of our planet." Works exhibited include human portraits as well as religious and cultural sites of Uzbekistan.

For his part, Uzbek Ambassador to Brussels Vladimir Norov said the photo exhibition opens at the beginning of 2006 in the European Parliament, "where important and significant decisions are taken for providing prosperity and security not only for European countries, but also other nations aspiring close cooperation with Europe." He noted that 2006 is a "significant to our people."
"This year our country will broadly celebrate the 15th anniversary of its independence."

The invitees, including members of the European Parliament, diplomats, journalists, scholars and academics were shown a short film on life in Uzbekistan and later enjoyed a concert of Uzbek music and tasty Uzbek cuisine.

Tashkent Photography House under Uzbek Arts Academy and the Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan foundation are going to publish anthology-catalogue "125 years of Uzbek photography".

"125 years of Uzbek photography" anthology reflects not only the stages in the development of photography art in Uzbekistan, but also the history of its nation, capturing the brightest and typical episodes of its life.

The publication consists of three volumes, covering different stages in the history. The first volume contains the description of the period of origination and development of Uzbek photography art, embracing the late 19th and early 20th centuries (1879-1940).

The second volume, which is currently in the process of development, is devoted to the second half of the 20th century (1940-1991) ? the period of development of Tashkent Photography School. The publication includes pictures made by leading masters of this school. A large part of works reflects the years of the World War II. It is expected that the volume will be completed by late 2005.

The third volume logically continues the sequence of history, reflecting independent Uzbekistan. This volume includes works of contemporary photographers, with photographs reflecting modern life.

Presentation of this unique anthology was held in Beijing and Moscow on March 2005.
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