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Uzbekistan to work on unification of customs legislation with EurAsEC, WTO rules

Uzbek State Customs Committee will work on unification and harmonization of customs legislation and law-enforcement practice with the rules of Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan held expanded session of board to sum up 2005 results and tasks for 2006.

Uzbekistan officially joined Eurasian Economic Community on 25 January 2006. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan set up EurAsEC in October 2000. Among its achievements are introduction of the system of visa-free movement of citizens, the possibility to enter universities and mutual acknowledgement of educational diplomas.

It is expected that the community members will solve all issues related to Customs Union until the year-end. Currently, 60% of customs tariffs for import of goods from third countries have been unified, and the target is 75%, which covers about 12, 000 goods.

Currently, Uzbekistan is holding negotiations on accession of the country to the World Trade Organization.

In 2006, State Customs Committee set assistance to development of trade and creation of favorable conditions for foreign economic activity among its priorities for 2006.

The committee is planning to complete development of new edition of Customs Code and Law "On customs tariffs".

Uzbek State Customs Committee transferred 471 billion soums of customs payments to state budget in 2005. The customs body implemented its fiscal plan for 100. 7%, press service of the committee said.

The press service said that the volume of customs payments increased by 27.1% or 100.4 billion soums year-on-year. The committee transferred US$9.1 million to National Road Fund from customs duties of foreign cargo transporters, which passed Uzbekistan on transit regime.

The customs bodies revealed 25, 203 cases of smuggling and violation of customs rules. In the result, the customs committee seized valuables for 9.1 billion soums or up 1.5 billion soums compared to 2004.

Criminal cases were opened on 1,635 cases and administrative measures were imposed on 23,057 cases. State Customs Committee detained 17.4 kg of gold and gold products in attempt illegally cross the border. The customs officials also seized US$665, 200, 14, 000 euros, 2 million Russian rubles and 189.3 million soums.

The customs bodies detained 775,200 liters of fuel-lubricant materials, 118,900 liters of spirit and alcohol products, 2,308 tones of wheat, flour and flour products, over 569 heads of cattle, 2, 175.5 tones of ferrous and non-furious metals.

Uzbek customs bodies detained 48.4 kg of drugs, 426, 900 medicines in pills and ampoules, which can be used as psychotropic agents.

BVV Business Report Newspaper.

Uzbek Foreign Ministry to start receive visa documents in online regime

Consular and visa departments of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry will start to receive documents for visas for tourists in online regime, a representative of ministry told Uzbek tour operators.

The Uzbek tour operators will have a chance to submit application to foreign tourists in online regime in the mid of 2006.

Consular and visa departments of the ministry will also assign special time or special windows to tour agencies to submit documents or register visa documents in new building of consular department, which is located in former building of national philharmonic society.

Existing five-day working regime of visa department from 10: 00 AM to 12: 30 PM is not comfortable for tour operators, in particular when they receive confirmation and documents of foreign tourists on Friday afternoon or holidays.

Besides, Foreign Ministry representatives said that the copy of passport and some other documents will be requested in necessary cases and tour agencies may not to submit them. As a rule, these documents may be requested only in case wrong registration of applications.

Consular department will launch separate telephone number to assist regional tour operators to get number of telex, approving visa application.

At the meeting, organized by the Association of Private Tour Agencies, diplomats and tourism business considered issued on registration of transit tourism visas and receiving entrance permission at consular department of Foreign Ministry at Tashkent international airport.

The sides agreed to continue such "fruitful and constructive" dialogue.

BVV Business Report Newspaper.

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